Student Public Health Epidemic Response Effort

Active Members

Constitution and Bylaws
Executive Board Member Selection and Responsibilities

Executive Board Members

Ann Wiringa - Chairperson

The SPHERE Chairperson is a former Executive Board (EB) member taking on leadership roles and responsibilities for the group. The chairperson is to lead operations and planning EB meetings, manage the allocation of broad and specific tasks to EB members, coordinate with CPHP, ACHD, PA-DOH and other partnerships, and communicate with other GSERPs. The chairperson seeks to manage and maintain continuing opportunities for advancement and growth of SPHERE within CPHP, Pitt Public Health, and among similar student public health response groups at other universities.

Jessica White - Recruitment/Training Co-chairperson

The Recruitment/Training Co-chairperson coordinates SPHERE's recruitment activities, including designing events that will increase SPHERE's active membership such as health department trainings. 

Arvind Dabass - Secretary Co-chairperson

The Secretary Co-chairperson is responsible for keeping EB meeting minutes, collecting Grand Rounds attendance, gathering speaker surveys, and assisting with or leading any one of the sub-projects that the group is working on. 

Arvind Dabass - Treasurer Co-chairperson

The Treasurer Co-chairperson is responsible for the finances of the group. This person maintains the budget and works with the different funding organizations to keep an accurate annual budget.