Student Public Health Epidemic Response Effort

Joining SPHERE


    An organization of public health students interested in epidemic response, community preparedness, and hands-on experience.

WHO is eligible for SPHERE?

    Master’s and doctoral students enrolled at the Graduate School of Public Health.

WHAT do we do?

    • Participate in outbreak or disaster response activities with local and state health departments.

    • Contribute to public health emergency management responses.

    • Participate in community health events and promotions.

All Pitt Public Health students and interested community members are welcome to attend meetings and events. However, those who would like to participate in emergency responses should consider the following:

      • Students are expected to attend monthly meetings and trainings.

      • Participation in SPHERE offers exciting opportunities to gain experience in applied epidemiology! But when such occasions arise there is an expectation that members will be available to contribute.

      • A criminal and child abuse background check and trainings are required prior to participating in response activities.